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Nordic Port, part of EcoOnline
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We want you to stay on top of the situation
At Nordic Port, we have a passion for keeping order. This is particularly true when it comes to complex activities such as public transport, large vehicle fleets or sensitive substances, such as chemicals and radiation sources.

That is why we are proud to be one of Sweden’s leading providers and developers of web-based support systems in the areas of environment, work environment, quality and safety. Our systems help companies and organisations to establish and maintain management systems that enable quality, environment and safety factors to become an even stronger competitive advantage.

Our extensive experience and expertise in this field has given us a leading role in environmental data systems – but we also work as environmental consultants directly for our customers. The bulk of our business within IT consists of consulting services in investigation, project management, method support and programming.

Environmental and quality policy – we practice what we preach

Of course, we also undertake active environmental and quality work in our own operations, in addition to the services we offer our customers. We are constantly working to develop and update our environmental policy in order to reduce our environmental impact through energy management, smarter purchasing processes and ongoing environmental training.

When it comes to quality, a good customer dialogue is crucial; our goal is for our partners to be our best ambassadors. To ensure that we maintain consistently high quality in our services, we offer ongoing employee training courses within the framework of our annual skills planning and monitoring.

Quality assurance of our products and services, including clear documentation with time and cost follow-up, is a vital element of our work. Naturally, we set high standards for all our suppliers and partners, so that they meet the high standards that our customers expect.