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Ensure that your public transport achieves your goals 
When procuring public transportation services, you have a number of objectives, for example, quality, environment and accessibility. But how do you know if those objectives have been achieved? How do you know that the services is what you purchased? Can you give accurate answers when the media, employees, owners and travellers ask questions about how the traffic services deliver? 

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Evaluate procured traffic services

With our cloud-based web service FRIDA for traffic purchasers, you can easily evaluate if you are achieving your set goals. You can check whether your operators are delivering what has been agreed, and then consider the totality of all your traffic services. That in turn gives you the ability to create new, valuable knowledge for future procurements of public transport. With the help of FRIDA, you can also instantly answer questions from employees, politicians, the media and professional organisations regarding environmental issues, accessibility, safety and much more.
FRIDA is a cloud-based web service that is flexible and easy to integrate with existing systems. FRIDA has been developed in close cooperation with the Swedish Public Transport Association and is used by all the Swedish transport authorities except Region Stockholm, and many Norwegian.   
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Strengthen your cooperation with your operators

in FRIDA, you can easily register your contracts with requirements for vehicle characteristics, accessibility, renewable fuels, etc. Then your operators can add the vehicles they intend to use to provide the traffic services. Thus FRIDA helps you to easily evaluate if the vehicles in traffic match your requirements. 
During the contract period FRIDA also facilitates transparency and cooperation between you and the operators. Thanks to updated and clear reports, you can ensure that the vehicles in traffic meet your requirements. As soon as you become aware of any discrepancies you can work with your operator to make adjustments before the passengers are affected.
Outcome-based follow-up of contracts
FRIDA is a valuable tool for outcome-based contract follow-up, focusing on environmental follow-up and quality assurance. Information is continuously reported to the system, so you can determine if the operator has delivered as agreed. If they have not, you can take action based on sound information.

Add-on modules –
Keep track of everything from overall environmental goals to individual road worthiness inspections

FRIDA Base together with the Agreement Module is the foundation of the cloud-based FRIDA system. In addition, there are a number of add-on modules that can help you keep track and simplify reporting in all the areas that are important to you.
Person kilometres
Follow up on travel-related key indicators, such as energy consumption and emissions, reported per number of transported passengers and kilometres.
Vehicle Inspection
Check that the vehicles correspond to the contractual requirements through on-site inspections. With FRIDA Vehicle Inspection, you can ensure that vehicle information is correct and check that the vehicles live up to your brand. Within the module, you can design inspections and processes with results feedback to the operator, follow-up inspections and documentation for penalties, all according to your needs.
Environmental Performance Reporting
Check that operators and their contractors are implementing active environmental management policies, without demanding that they undergo costly certification processes. FRIDA Environmental Preformance Reporting facilitates retrieval of information, evaluation and review and supports on-site audits and reminders for follow-up inspections.
Traffic Incident Reporting
Allow the operator to report safety- and security-related incidents directly in FRIDA, where they also can create police reports. Traffic incident reporting provides a safer and more secure working environment, while providing added credibility and weight in discussions with the authorities, the judicial system and the media. The information in FRIDA has also proved valuable when applying for authorization for camera surveillance in vehicles.
Road Worthiness Inspection Data and Commercial Traffic Permit
Passengers, owners and the public expect legal vehicles to be used for public transport. With the Road Worthiness Inspection Data and Commercial Traffic Permit add-ons, FRIDA can automatically check that the vehicles being used for your public transport services have passed an annual road worthiness inspection, do not have a driving ban imposed against them, but do have a licence for commercial traffic. This provides reassurance for all parties and nurtures your brand as a reliable supplier of public transport services. Currently only available in Sweden.

Market-leading follow-up on public transport vehicles

FRIDA has been developed in close cooperation between Nordic Port and the Swedish Public Transport Association. FRIDA is currently used by all the Swedish transport authorities, except Region Stockholm, and by many of the Norwegian. The user association @FRIDA has developed a standard for vehicle information so that the Swedish Public Transport Association can compile national data on vehicles with regard to environmental factors, increased accessibility for people with disabilities, safety, etc.