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Ensure you have the right vehicle in the right place at the right cost
Managing a large fleet of vehicles can be a challenge.

Which vehicles, where in the organisation do they reside and what properties do they have?  How is each vehicle being used, has it been inspected, and does its fuel consumption and emissions fulfil your financial and environmental goals? 

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Optimise your vehicle fleet useage

FRIDA EF gives you a quick and current overview of your entire fleet. FRIDA regularly collects information from the vehicle registry and keeps your vehicle database up to date with new and sold vehicles. You get financial reports and key environmental indicators, but also details of road worthiness inspections, driving bans, servicing and cleaning. Thus FRIDA will help you to ensure that every vehicle is exploited to the maximum.
FRIDA is a cloud-based web service that is flexible and easy to integrate with existing systems. The development of FRIDA Own Vehicles is based on our 15 years of experience as the leading supplier of systems for monitoring environmental and quality factors within Swedish public transport. For references, see here.  
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A unique opportunity to optimise finances and environmental impac

An important element of FRIDA EF is the ability to optimise how you use the vehicles through systematic vehicle monitoring. This may involve, for instance, identifying vehicles with unnecessarily high operating costs and proposing a transfer or sale. 
You can also monitor the fleet’s environmental impact. FRIDA can present net emissions (CO2) and the proportion of renewable fuels and fossil energy use for all vehicles. You can also obtain statistics of HC, NOx and particulate matter emissions. This overview requires no manual work on your part.

As this type of environmental indicators are often of public interest, FRIDA is set up to present the information publicly. In this way, external and internal stakeholders can easily follow your improvement work in the environmental field.
Full control of safety
With a large fleet of vehicles, it can be difficult to determine whether each vehicle is being driven legally, has been inspected and undergone servicing, vital as those issues are. Here FRIDA can help with all the necessary vehicle inspections and reminder functions. Read more about our individual modules below.
Supplier support – improve your procurement processes
FRIDA serves as an invaluable aid in monitoring your suppliers and the vehicles used in procured transport and contracts. The suppliers add their own vehicles to FRIDA, allowing you to check whether they are fulfilling your contractual requirements with regard to environmental, quality and safety issues. 

Add-on modules – from overall economy to individual road worthiness inspections

FRIDA BASE is the foundation of the system. A clear organisation tree places the vehicles in the right place within the organisation. You can add an unlimited number of users and give them rights to read or register information. In addition, there are a number of add-on modules:
Road worthiness inspection data
Get help with the important work of ensuring that every vehicle is inspected on time. FRIDA monitors the fleet and provides timely information regarding which vehicles are to be inspected. The system also sends out reminders and warnings to relevant parties when the time for road worthiness inspections has arrived or driving bans have been imposed.
File reader
Key indicators such as distances driven, fuel consumption and vehicle costs are key to monitoring the finances and environmental impact of a vehicle fleet. With the file reader add-on, you can rationalise input significantly. Thanks to electronic driving logs and our input function, with fuel cards directly linked to a particular vehicle, you can optimise both the financial aspect and environmental impact.
Save on costs through a detailed overview of the finances of each vehicle. Identify vehicles that have an unnecessarily high cost per kilometre or are being used in a non-optimal manner – and suggest a transfer or sale.
Key environmental indicators
An organisation’s environmental impact is increasingly coming under scrutiny from both employees and the public. Increase your attractiveness and improve environmental management through detailed reports featuring environmental key indicators such as distances driven, fuel, emissions and engine technologies. We use the Swedish Public Transport Administration’s models for calculating emissions, as used throughout the Swedish public transport sector.
Vehicle inspection
FRIDA provides market-leading process support in order to implement and follow up on vehicle inspections, for example, arrival inspections, transfer, washing, servicing, etc.
Regular vehicle inspections lead to safer vehicles and an improved overall finances through greater care, better maintained vehicles, lower costs for damage and a better resale value. 
Register vehicle activities for individual vehicles, for example, periodic servicing or changing summer/winter tyres. FRIDA serves as a vehicle logbook that can plan and track regular maintenance; this history can easily be transferred to the new owner when the vehicle changes hands.

Some examples of our market-leading positioN

Nordic Port has been building up a market-leading position in environmental and quality monitoring systems for Swedish public transport for over 15 years. We used that experience when developing the web-based FRIDA EF service.